Free Currency Converter from Expedia

Although best known as a holiday booking site, Expedia also includes an excellent and simple currency converter, worldwide weather forecasts, useful and thorough travel guides to many countries, important information regarding passports and visas, detailed road maps of the world and much more.

The currency converter link can be found in the ‘travel information’ area on the homepage. The currency converter is simple to use; select the required currencies from a choice of over 150 with drop-down menus and click convert. The results are quickly calculated and show the converted amounts, the current exchange rate and when that exchange rate was last updated. The currency converter can also be found within the travel guides allowing users to view a possible destination and easily figure out the exchange rate without having to go back to the converter page.
The aforementioned travel guides offer a vast amount of information on popular tourist destinations via a fast interactive map. Starting from a map of the world, select a country of interest and a detailed overview of the country appears. This information includes a guide to the country’s climate and what weather to expect in different areas, dates and locations of exciting festivals and places of interest and historical importance. There is also a guide to etiquette within the country, what styles of food and drink are available and information on shopping i.e. whether to barter or not and whether to keep receipts for customs. Rather morbidly, it also advises the life expectancy of the country’s citizens. From this overview, a selection of the country’s cities can be selected providing extra detail on the city such as local history and customs.
An often overlooked aspect of foreign travel is whether a tourist requires a visa for entry, some travellers only finding out once they have arrived. Expedia has a section explicitly advising which countries require visas, passports and/or valid return tickets before allowing entry. It also advises the likely cost of a visa for that country and a conversion chart to that countries currency.

Finding out exactly where a destination is and what weather to expect can be performed easily with the easy to use map and weather forecast services. Weather forecasts are available for hundreds of destinations showing current conditions and a four day forecast. This is simply accomplished by clicking on the map of the world or by choosing the destination from a list. To see a map of area, just type the location’s name to see a customisable road map of that area. This map can be saved, printed or emailed for future reference. If information regarding an airport is needed, Expedia’s airport guide contains contact details and important advice for all major airports such as car parking locations, disabled access, banks and bureau de change, shops and other facilities.

On top of its famous holiday booking renown, Expedia is an all encompassing aid for all types of traveller. Not only does it offer currency conversion, maps and interesting details of destination, its passport, visa and airport information keeps tourists in control and ultimately safer and happier.